It is an understatement to state that Kinsale is Ireland's premier sea-angling town. It is much, much more! Kinsale's long tradition as a wine importer to Ireland, (it had it's own vessels in the Vintage fleet), may be one of the reasons it is now the Gourmet capital of the country. The beauty of West Cork and it's immediate accessibility from Kinsale certainly plays a large part in this town's attractivity to tourists. Kinsale's Charles Fort - one of the worlds' best preserved Star Forts. Summercove in Upper Left.The friendliness of the people is also well known. Kinsale is also a very safe haven for ships and has a long tradition with fishing and the sea - a fact made obvious be the melting-pot of nationalities now settled about here. Wherever you are from you will find a welcome here.

In 2001 Kinsale commemorated the 400th anniversary of the Battle of Kinsale in 1601 in style and many events and activities were organized. This year Kinsale has many events in store and is planning more for next year.

The info here was created for those of you, (anglers or otherwise), who are even considering visiting Kinsale. We include useful links that you can peruse in preparation for your visit and maps that might be of help in getting here. Kinsale has a very rich history and was the setting of the great turning point battles in Ireland's turbulent history in 1601. Also, the once mighty LUSITANIA lies only 15 nautical miles from Kinsale - its Cruise ship Hebridean Princess at anchor, Charles Fort, Kinsale, Summer 2002 sinking heralding another of history's important turning points. Thankfully, happier times are here, and we want you to share in them. There is plenty for both the angler and landlubber to do and see here, so why not plan that holiday trip now.

Should you have any suggestions on additions to this page we would be grateful if you would pass them on to us. For a small old-world fishing port you may be amazed at what is available to you.