COVID-19 Guidelines aboard HARPY.


      We take your safety during this COVID-19 pandemic very seriously as all our clients would rightly expect.

      We are following the rules and guidelines as set by the IRISH CHARTER SKIPPERS ASSOCIATION , (in turn from the HSE), which we outline below for your safety.

Before Boarding HARPY

  • The skipper will sanitize all rods and tackle before anglers arrive. The boat will be sanitized before the trip also.
  • The skipper will NOT be making tea/coffee while this pandemic lasts, please bring your own food & drinks.
  • Anglers / passengers are advised to proceed directly to the boat without stopping.
  • Anglers / passengers are advised to bring their own bags/boxes to store their own fish catches during the voyage.
  • Anglers / passengers are advised not stop en route for food, refreshments etc.,.
  • Anglers / passengers are advised to take everything need for the boat trip, warm clothing, food, drinks, etc.,.
  • Anglers / passengers will be made aware of personal sanitary precautions on boarding the boat.
  • Anglers / passengers travelling to embarkation point are advised to do so on their own (only exception to be family members who cohabit).

Aboard HARPY

  • Anglers/Passengers spacing will be limited on board to allow for social distancing.
  • No angler / passengers allowed into cabin.
  • Hand sanitizer spray will be provided at boarding point, on board the boat, and anglers / passengers advised to use again when leaving.
  • If using the bin provided aboard to dispose of wipes, tissues,etc., please use hand sanitiser again after bin use.
  • The skipper alone will do all handling of ropes (berthing, anchoring and disembarking).
  • Separate buckets of fresh seawater for each angler for hand cleaning will be provided.
  • Separate bait boards for each angler will be provided.
  • With regard to use of toilet, an aerosol sanitising spray will be provided at the toilet door and should be used accordingly.
  • Anglers / passengers can provide their own masks and gloves as they wish.
  • Anglers / passengers are requested to read the Posters which have been produced by the HSE and displayed aboard to raise awareness of measures preventing the spread of COVID-19.

On disembarking HARPY

  • The skipper will sanitize HARPY after all the Anglers / passengers have disembarked.